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and thus a draft of a proposed IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.1 As such, this document may still be subject to changes in the final editing for publishing by IEEE as an approved IEEE – SA Standard. Permission is hereby granted for IEEE Standards Committee participants to reproduce this document for purposes of IEEE standardization activities only. Prior to(More)
This document presents the best practice recommendations for using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI™), IMS Caliper Analytics™ and IMS Question & Test Interoperability™ (QTI™) based content within an EPUB3 context. These form a key part of the EDUPUB standard. Examples of these best practices are presented using the Readium open source EPUB3 reader(More)
Science Foundation (NSF Grant DEB 0074444). Large format maps were printed with assistance from The David and Lucille Packard Foundation. We are especially grateful to PJ White (NPS) for recognizing the broader utility of this work from its early beginnings, and for continuing to facilitate the necessary connections between staff at CSUMB, MSU, and NPS that(More)
As part of the UK Government's better regulation agenda, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), in conjunction with the Devolved Administrations, is reviewing the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 (RSA93) Exemption Order regime and proposes to replace all the existing exemption orders with a single, conditional exemption order. Under the present(More)
ii Preface This is a report to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. It describes water quality monitoring during and after the construction phases of the Carmel River Lagoon Enhancement Project and includes preliminary analysis of the ecosystem created. This report marks the completion of the first year of monitoring water quality and aquatic(More)
Monterey Bay. In 2007, the class was taught in four 4-week modules, each focusing on making a small contribution to a local watershed issue. This report describes the results of one of those 4-week modules – on Carmel Lagoon Water Quality and Ecology. The module was lead instructed by Fred Watson (CSUMB) and Kevan Urquhart (MPWMD). Results are presented(More)