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and thus a draft of a proposed IEEE-SA Standard 1484.12.1 As such, this document may still be subject to changes in the final editing for publishing by IEEE as an approved IEEE – SA Standard. Permission is hereby granted for IEEE Standards Committee participants to reproduce this document for purposes of IEEE standardization activities only. Prior to(More)
A case study is presented, based on the experience of the US Veterans Affairs health system, which shows the benefits of healthcare personnel understanding human factors engineering (HFE) and how it relates to patient safety. After HFE training, personnel are better able to use a systems-oriented approach during adverse event analysis. Without some(More)
The United States has recently experienced a rise in the incidence of measles and other preventable infectious diseases. Studies have linked the problem to a growing number of inadequately vaccinated preschoolers. The Minnesota Department of Health estimates that only 61.4% of the state's 2-year-olds have completed the basic primary series on schedule.(More)
This document presents the best practice recommendations for using IMS Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI™), IMS Caliper Analytics™ and IMS Question & Test Interoperability™ (QTI™) based content within an EPUB3 context. These form a key part of the EDUPUB standard. Examples of these best practices are presented using the Readium open source EPUB3 reader(More)