Thongram Kamala

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  • S. Sasikala, T. Kamala
  • 1985
One eight-loculed mutant was isolated from Sesamum indicum L. cv. 'Vinayak' in the M2 stage using 0.05% ethidium bromide. The breeding behaviour of this mutant was followed up to M6 through selfing and reciprocal crosses with a control. The nutritional value of this mutant was assayed in terms of oil, protein, PUFA and a-globulin content. Two variants from(More)
Direct Electron Transfer biosensors, facilitating direct communication between the biomolecule of interest and electrode surface, are preferable compared to enzymatic and mediator based sensors. Although hemoglobin (Hb) contains four redox active iron centres, direct detection is not possible due to inaccessibility of iron centres and formation of dimers,(More)
We investigated the occurrence and genetic diversity of Trichoderma and Hypocrea in Manipur which lies in the Indo-Burma biodiversity hot spot region. 65 Trichoderma isolates were identified at species level by morphological as well as sequence based analysis of the internal transcribed spacer region 1 and 4. Altogether 22 different species of Trichoderma(More)
Meiosis in a double trisomic Brassica campestris (2n=20+1+1) found among the progeny of autotriploid B. campestris (3n=30) was studied to detect homologies of duplicate types of chromosomes in the ‘a’ genome of Brassica. The two extra chromosomes paired with the corresponding homologues and formed two trivalents in 10.5% of nuclei revealing the double(More)
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