Thong-Shing Hwang

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The purpose of this paper is to present a stable network control design with uncertain time-varying communication delays. In the typical networked control systems (NCSs), there are inherent plant delays and network delays. It has been know that time delays may not only degrade the system performance, but also destabilize the controlled plant. To alleviate(More)
This paper presents the optimal mechanism design and dynamic analysis of a prototype 3-leg 6-DOF (degree-of-freedom) parallel manipulator. Inverse kinematics, forward kinematics, inverse dynamics and working space characterizing the platform motion are derived. In the presented architecture, the base platform has three linear slideways individually actuated(More)
This paper studied the KHR-1biped robot made by the KONDO Company, and programmed a complete set of walking planning. It designed a walking trajectory suitable for the KHR-1 robot, based on its form and structure, evaluated the stability of ZMP point of the robot, and used inverse kinematics to drive the 3D/VR and KHR-1 robot in the monitoring system, in(More)
This paper develops a motor-driven massage artificial electro-mechanical manipulator system with intelligent biomedical sensing-monitoring capabilities and constructs the path of massage process by using CCD image processing technique. In this paper, we integrate a versatile inter-digital electrocardiograph (ECG) into the manipulator system and construct a(More)
The purpose of this research is to accomplish the ZPETC (Zero Phase Error Tracking Control) Path-Tracking gain-scheduling control design and real-time multi-task flight simulation for the automatic transition of tilt-rotor aircraft.
The real-time multi-task simulation of a 3-leg 6-DOF high performance platform system based on RT-Linux operation system is presented in this paper. The new architecture is setup by three extensible legs sliding on three linear slide-rail each actuated by a synchronous linear servo motor. The extensible legs are actuated by inductive AC servo motors. In the(More)
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