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The cost effectiveness of prenatal screening for cystic fibrosis needs to be reexamined. This will require further study. At the time prenatal screening for CF carrier status was initiated, newborn screening for cystic fibrosis was not commonly available. The benefit of screening in our population was detection of 68 female carriers; however, this did not(More)
These data demonstrated that participants in our teen pregnancy program had better birth outcomes than comparable teens who did not participate in the program. Based on number of NICU admissions and lengths of stay, we estimate that this program provided, through the reduction of poor birth outcomes, potential cost savings of $890,000 over four years.
Mosaicism for the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, del(4)(p16), is extremely rare and has not been reported in association with a numerical chromosome abnormality. We report the prenatal diagnosis of mosaic del(4)(p16) and non-mosaic trisomy 21 in a 16-week female fetus. The pregnancy ended in spontaneous abortion at 34 weeks secondary to fetal demise. The fetus(More)
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