Thomas Zaslavsky

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of (1981a). (sg: LG, A(LG), Aut(LG)) 1981a Generalized line graphs. J. Graph Theory 5 (1981), 385–399. MR 82k:05091. Zbl. 475.05061. (sg: LG, A(LG), Aut(LG)) Dragoš M. Cvetković and Slobodan K. Simić 1978a Graphs which are switching equivalent to their line graphs. Publ. Inst. Math. (Beograd) (N.S.) 23 (37) (1978), 39–51. MR 80c:05108. Zbl. 423.05035. (sw:(More)
The existence of an integral flow polynomial that counts nowhere-zero k-flows on a graph, due to Kochol, is a consequence of a general theory of inside-out polytopes. The same holds for flows on signed graphs. We develop these theories, as well as the related counting theory of nowhere-zero flows on a signed graph with values in an abelian group of odd(More)
We investigate the least common multiple of all subdeterminants, lcmd(A⊗B), of a Kronecker product of matrices, of which one is an integral matrix A with two columns and the other is the incidence matrix of a complete graph with n vertices. We prove that this quantity is the least common multiple of lcmd(A) to the power n− 1 and certain binomial functions(More)