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Colleagues: HELP! If you have any suggestions whatever for items to include in this bibliography, or for other changes, please let me hear from you. Thank you. i Index A 1 B 8 C 23 D 35 E 41 F 46 G 50 H 61 I 73 J 74 K 78 L 87 M 93 N 102 O 105 P 106 Q 113 R 113 S 117 T 130 U 137 V 138 W 140 X 144 Y 144 Z 145 Preface A signed graph is a graph whose edges are(More)
The existence of an integral flow polynomial that counts nowhere-zero k-flows on a graph, due to Kochol, is a consequence of a general theory of inside-out polytopes. The same holds for flows on signed graphs. We develop these theories, as well as the related counting theory of nowhere-zero flows on a signed graph with values in an abelian group of odd(More)