Thomas Wunderlich

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iii Abstract The progresses in the fields of mobile Internet and positioning methods have lead to a plethora of new possibilities for cartography in mobile usage environments. However, principles of web mapping cannot simply be transferred to the mobile environment. Likewise the availability of Location Based Services (LBS) has made it possible to develop(More)
A computer-controlled electromyography (EMG) System has been developed for the kinesiologic examination of orthopedic patients. A major objective in the design of the system was its convenient operation in the daily clinical routine. The EMG signals are transduced by specially constructed electrode-preamplifier units and filtered and further amplified in a(More)
SUMMARY In deep vertical shafts, it is not possible to use common engineering measurement techniques like e. g. traversing. Therefore the transfer of geodetic networks consists of the separate transfer of both the position and the bearing. Whereas the transfer of the position can be managed by mechanical or optical plumbs, the orientation of the underground(More)
SUMMARY Complex and time-critical process chains in industrial production of premium automobiles demand a sophisticated supply chain management and logistics as well as safe and reliable transport systems. Inside a vast factory individual parts (e.g. engines) cover large distances by using electric monorail suspension conveyers. In such an environment, the(More)
We present electronic structure and transport calculations for hydrogen and lithium chains, using density functional theory and scattering theory on the Green's function level, to systematically study impurity effects on the transmission coefficient. To this end we address various impurity configurations. Tight-binding results allow us to interpret our the(More)
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