Thomas Wunderle

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Long-range horizontal connections are thought to modulate the responsiveness of neurons by supplying contextual information. A special type of long-range connections are interhemispheric projections, linking the 2 cerebral hemispheres. To investigate the action of those projections in a causal approach, we recorded in cat primary visual cortex while(More)
In neuroscience, data are typically generated from neural network activity. The resulting time series represent measurements from spatially distributed subsystems with complex interactions, weakly coupled to a high-dimensional global system. We present a statistical framework to estimate the direction of information flow and its delay in measurements from(More)
It is generally thought that callosal connections (CCs) in primary visual cortices serve to unify the visual scenery parted in two at the vertical midline (VM). Here, we present evidence that this applies also to visual features that do not cross yet but might cross the VM in the future. During reversible deactivation of the contralateral visual cortex in(More)
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