Thomas Wood

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We introduce local exhaustive testing as a simple strategy for creating test cases that uncover faults (a deficiency in the code that is responsible for incorrect behavior) with a higher probability than tests chosen randomly. To use local exhaustive testing, we identify certain inputs points as "critical," and then test all inputs close to that point. We(More)
The JSCert project provides a Coq mechanised specification of the core JavaScript language. A key part of the project was to develop a methodology for establishing trust, by designing JSCert in such a way as to provide a strong connection with the JavaScript standard, and by developing JSRef, a reference interpreter which was proved correct with respect to(More)
A genetic plan has been applied to the central server computer network file assignment problem. Throughput of the network is calculated for each file assignment produced by the genetic algorithm. Crossover and mutation are performed on individuals in accordance with their throughput.Various methods of representing and interpreting individuals as file(More)
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