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In differentiated product markets, the entry and exit of individual product models— rather than of firms—often serve as the main equilibrating force. Market structure changes that lead to high prices also tend to encourage entry, partially offsetting the effects. Thus, accurately predicting changes from a merger or bankruptcy should incorporate this(More)
The progression of breast cancer can be quantified in lymph node whole-slide images (WSIs). We describe a novel method for effectively performing classification of wholeslide images and patient level breast cancer grading. Our method utilises a deep neural network. The method performs classification on small patches and uses model averaging for boosting. In(More)
In large scale biological experiments, like high-throughput or high-content cellular screening, the amount and the complexity of images to be analyzed are steadily increasing. To handle and process these images, well defined image processing and analysis steps need to be performed by applying dedicated workflows. Multiple software tools have emerged with(More)
Universities perform a rising share of R&D in developed countries and increasingly rely on internal rather than government or private sector sources to fund these activities. This paper uses unexpected college football outcomes to exogenously vary school-funded research support expenditures. It then examines how these expenditures affect scientific(More)
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