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A comparison of four approaches to the calculation of conservation laws
  • Thomas Wolf
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • European Journal of Applied Mathematics
  • 1 April 2002
The paper compares computational aspects of four approaches to compute conservation laws of single Differential Equations (DEs) or systems of them, ODEs and PDEs. Expand
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Multi-view gait recognition using 3D convolutional neural networks
We present a deep convolutional neural network using 3D convolutions for Gait Recognition in multiple views capturing spatio-temporal features. Expand
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Applications of CRACK in the Classification of Integrable Systems
Work on different classification problems is described as: the classification of integrable vector evolution equations, NLS systems with two vector unknowns, systems with one scalar and one vectorExpand
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Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing
We present an overview of modern transfer learning methods in NLP, how models are pre-trained, what information the representations they learn capture, and review examples and case studies on how these models can be integrated and adapted in downstream NLP tasks. Expand
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Continuous Theta-Burst Stimulation Demonstrates a Causal Role of Premotor Homunculus in Action Understanding
Although it is well established that regions of premotor cortex (PMC) are active during action observation, it remains controversial whether they play a causal role in action understanding. In theExpand
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Metallic magnetic calorimeters
Metallic magnetic calorimeters (MMC) are calorimetric particle detectors, typically operated at temperatures below 100 mK, that make use of a paramagnetic temperature sensor to transform theExpand
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How to Refine 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Unlabelled Depth Data?
We show how a simple convolutional neural network, pre-trained only on synthetic depth images generated from a single 3D hand model, can be trained to adapt to unlabelled depth images from a real user’s hand. Expand
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H 2 pseudo-optimal model order reduction
The cornerstone of the thesis is to motivate and comprehensively characterise H 2 pseudo-optimality in the linear model order reduction of large-scale dynamical systems based on rational KrylovExpand
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Invertible Mappings of Nonlinear PDEs to Linear PDEs through Admitted Conservation Laws
An algorithmic method using conservation law multipliers is introduced that yields necessary and sufficient conditions to find invertible mappings of a given nonlinear PDE to some linear PDE and toExpand
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Integrable quadratic Hamiltonians on so(4) and so(3,1)
We investigate a special class of quadratic Hamiltonians on so(4) and so(3,1) and describe Hamiltonians that have additional polynomial integrals. One of the main results is a new integrable caseExpand
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