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Dear Editor, Hemidiaphragmatic paralysis is a rare clinical feature of upper cervical radiculopathies. In case of isolated motor root compression, radiating pain may be absent. As the phrenic nerve receives its main input from the fourth (C4) and, partly, from the third (C3) and fifth (C5) cervical nerve roots, radicular compression may result in(More)
Twonew Eospilarctia species and one new subspecies from China, Myanmar and Vietnam, respectively, are described. Superficially the new species Eospilarctia maciaisp. n., Eospilarctia naumannisp. n. and Eospilarctia yuennanica fansipanassp. n. resemble related congeners but they can be distinguished by the differences in wing pattern, genitalia and(More)
This report provides two analyses for obtaining a quantitative means of rating the condition of railroad‐highway at‐grade crossings based on their measured roughness. Phase One of this report examined 11 crossings in the Lexington area by use of a laser based inertial profiler from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and a Face Rolling Dipstick.(More)
A minimal tip dislocation of the middle ear transducer (MET®, Otologics Ltd) may result in poor hearing performance. Our objective was to examine if a defined MET dislocation can be diagnosed by high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) or digital volume tomography (DVT). A human cadaver head was sequentially implanted with different MET tips (incus(More)
Disclaimer This guideline is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and does not address specific treatments or conditions for any patient. Those consulting this guideline are to seek qualified consultation utilizing information specific to their medical situation. Further, IRSA does not warrant any instrument or equipment nor make any(More)
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