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Snow profile interpretation is part of the every day work of any avalanche forecasting service. However, profile evaluation is considered rather an art than a technique. There are hardly any procedures known that could be used, and accordingly most forecasters have their own method. The avalanche forecasting service in Switzerland has to analyse twice a(More)
In this paper, we present an approach based on hierarchically structured business models as artifacts of business process modeling that are used in a stepwise acquisition process for large software systems to reduce complexity and to increase efficiency and effectiveness. These models are abstract enough so that the scope for ideas of the suppliers is not(More)
In this article we present a metamodeling tool that is strictly oriented towards the needs of the working domain expert. The working domain expert longs for intuitive metamodeling features. In particular this concerns rich capabilities for specifying the visual appearance of models. In these efforts we have identified an important design rationale for(More)
Public organizations need to acquire software products. This is a rather challenging task because acquisition processes and development processes must be closely integrated avoiding a software acquisition process to fail. At the moment these processes are only loosely integrated. In our studies we focus on public sector because legal restrictions make(More)