Thomas Wiechert

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This paper presents the results of a survey conducted amongst European retailers on their plans and perceptions with regard to novel applications based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Whilst the survey showed that retailers did evaluate the possible applications differently, none of them clearly stood out as the most beneficial one. NFC based(More)
This paper explores NFC based applications adequate for the use in retail stores and analyses the influence that these could have on the prevailing customer shopping process. It emphasizes the fact that NFC could provide shoppers with more benefits beyond faster payments. On the one hand, NFC based rebate coupons and loyalty cards could further accelerate(More)
It is the aim of this paper to identify the most important factors that influence a retail company's expectations and motivations regarding RFID implementation at the point-of-sale based on empirical data. The data for our research was gathered by means of a questionnaire and analysed using a structural equation model. The results suggest that retailers(More)
Introduction Computers these days are no longer just placed on desktops in the form of stationary machines, they are also embedded into everyday objects. The seamless integration of computing capabilities within physical objects is the foundation for an Internet of Things, which interlinks the physical world of goods and items with the virtual world of(More)
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows for the implementation of novel contactless payment systems in stationary retail. In this paper, we quantitatively analyze the impact of such systems on a retailer's payment costs on the example of real-world data from a Swiss food retailer. Our results indicate that the introduction of contactless payment(More)
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