Thomas Widjaja

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This article summarizes the results of 25 expert interviews, regarding the value potential and challenges of the Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) paradigm for users and software vendors. On the user side, the SoA value potential most often mentioned by experts was agility, followed by process optimization. Cost reduction, through a more efficient(More)
The wealth of social information presented on Facebook is astounding. While these affordances allow users to keep up-to-date, they also produce a basis for social comparison and envy on an unprecedented scale. Even though envy may endanger users’ life satisfaction and lead to platform avoidance, no study exists uncovering this dynamics. To close this gap,(More)
Measurability is the essential basis for management. Although the management of complexity is a central task of CIOs and IT-architects, literature has not proposed a concrete measure to quantify complexity in enterprise architectures so far. Against this background the contribution of this paper is a) the introduction of a system theoretic conceptualization(More)
AnimalScript 2 is a new implementation of the visualization language AnimalScript used in the Animal system. The new implementation adds important features, especially conditional and loop statements. It also prepares the ground for further advanced components, such as methods or object templates. Several examples illustrate the expressiveness and ease of(More)
For several years, marketplaces exist in the software industry, where customers can, for instance, search for specific services offered by different vendors, review, buy and use these services. The vendor-sided characteristics of these marketplaces are widely discussed but have not yet been investigated in detail. In this paper, we consider online(More)