Thomas Wester

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  • John Tengdin, Ron Chairman, Kevin Westfall, M Stephan, J Adamiak, J Angel +38 others
  • 1998
High impedance faults (HIFs) on distribution systems create unique challenges for the protection engineer. HIFs that occur do not produce enough fault current to be detectable by conventional overcurrent relays or fuses. This report presents a brief synopsis of what has transpired to date. It is based heavily on the history and application of today's(More)
For the surgical treatment of Hirschsprung's disease, several surgical techniques are used to resect the distal aganglionic colon. Two frequently used techniques are the Duhamel procedure and the transanal endorectal pull-through procedure. During the '8th Pediatric Colorectal Course' in Nijmegen, November 2015, a workshop was organized to share experiences(More)
Ebola is known to evade detection by the immune system during infection. In this paper, we use mathematical modeling as a tool to investigate and analyze the immune system dynamics in the presence of Ebola virus infection. The resulting model is a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations derived from known biological dynamics and a few(More)
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