Thomas Weber

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OBJECTIVES The relative importance of airborne, droplet and contact transmission of influenza A virus and the efficiency of control measures depends among other factors on the inactivation of viruses in different environmental media. METHODS We systematically review available information on the environmental inactivation of influenza A viruses and employ(More)
Avian migration, which involves billions of birds flying vast distances, is known to influence all aspects of avian life. Here we investigate how birds fit moult into an annual cycle determined by the need to migrate. Large variation exists in moulting patterns in relation to migration: for instance, moult can occur after breeding in the summer or after(More)
It has been argued that the body mass levels achieved by birds are determined by the trade-off between risks of starvation and predation. Birds have also been found to reduce body mass in response to an increased predation risk. During migration, the need of extra fuel for flights is obvious and crucial. In this study, migratory blackcaps (Sylvia(More)
Birds migrating between widely separated wintering and breeding grounds may choose among a number of potential stopover sites by using different itineraries. Our aim is to predict the optimal migration schedule in terms of (1) rates of fuel deposition, (2) departure fuel loads and (3) stopover site use, when only a handful of such sites are available. We(More)
AIMS Evaluation of school pupils' resuscitation performance after different types of training relative to the effects of training frequency (annually vs. biannually), starting age (10 vs. 13 years) and facilitator (emergency physician vs. teacher). METHODS Prospective longitudinal study investigating 433 pupils in training and control groups. Outcome(More)
Time-minimizing migrants should leave a stopover site if the instantaneous speed of migration drops to the average speed of migration in the environment. This argument has been used in two different ways: either there is local variation in the fuel deposition rate and a fixed expected speed or there is global variation in the fuel deposition rate, i.e.(More)
AIMS Investigating the effects of any intervention during cardiac arrest remains difficult. The ROSC after cardiac arrest score was introduced to facilitate comparison of rates of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) between different ambulance services. To study the influence of chest compression quality management (including training, real-time(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of thoracic epidural anesthesia (TEA) on myocardial repolarization and arrhythmogenicity are only incompletely understood. This is primarily because of the lack of appropriate experimental models. In most of the studies performed thus far, TEA was used in anesthetized animals. Baseline anesthesia itself may have modified the effects(More)
PURPOSE OF THE REVIEW In 2009 the European Working Time Directive limits the weekly working hours to an average of 48 in all European Union member states. The recent published effects on education and patient care are discussed. RECENT FINDINGS In European Union member states with traditional long working hours for hospital doctors the reduced working(More)
The claim that migratory birds are responsible for the long-distance spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses of subtype H5N1 rests on the assumption that infected wild birds can remain asymptomatic and migrate long distances unhampered. We critically assess this claim from the perspective of ecologic immunology, a research field that analyzes(More)