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Computers increasingly are prevalent in the classroom, with student laptops becoming the norm, yet some beneficial uses of this widespread technology are being overlooked. Speech recognition software is maturing, and possesses the potential to provide real-time note taking assistance in the classroom, particularly for deaf and hard of hearing students. This(More)
Recent advancements in speech recognition technology and the widespread availability of inexpensive computers mean that real-time transcription in the classroom is becoming practical. This paper reports on the accuracy and readability achieved using a low-cost speech transcription system that assists deaf and hard-of-hearing students with note-taking. The(More)
Computing education has permeated virtually all disciplines, expanding learning with new technology and an updated definition of literacy that includes computational thinking. As opportunities for multidisciplinary courses that include computing increase, so do the challenges placed on faculty to develop such courses and the required computing expertise(More)
  • D Brauer, G E Aiken, +4 authors J H Edwards
  • 2005
Applications of animal manures have increased soil test P values in many parts of the USA and thus increased the risk that soil P will be transferred to surface water and decrease water quality. To continue farming these areas, landowners need tools to reduce the risk of P losses. A field experiment was conducted near Kurten, TX, on a Zulch fine sandy loam(More)
We tested the feasibility and effectiveness of an alcohol counseling intervention delivered via personalized text messages for college students with problem alcohol use. College students aged 18–23 completed online substance use and mental health questionnaires that served as a screening tool for problem alcohol use. We invited students who screened(More)
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is achieving widespread acceptance in a variety of enterprise systems, due to its inherent flexibility and inter-operability, improving upon the more tradition and less supportable " stovepipe " approach. The high degree of concurrency and both synchronous and asyn-chronous communications inherent in SOA makes it a good(More)
The inability to incorporate manure into permanent pasture leads to the concentration of nutrients near the soil surface with the potential to be transported off site by runoff water. In this study, we used rainfall simulations to examine the effect of broiler chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) litter application method and the runoff timing on nutrient and(More)
Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) are rapidly becoming an accepted means of providing network information exchange across a heterogeneous fabric of nodes. Given the complexity of such architectures and multiple levels of system interactions, creating a valid and usable SoS model for SOA application using a single technique that captures the desired(More)
– This paper describes the emerging US National Healthcare Information Network (NHIN). Scheduled to be completed for the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) by 2014, the NHIN will be a complex System of Systems information network built up from consumer, physician, hospital, and Regional Healthcare Information Organizations (RHIOs). The(More)