Thomas Walle

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We present the most recent version of our RoboCube system, a special robot-controller hand-tailored for players in the small robots league. The RoboCube is conceptualized to implement players with as many on-board features as possible in an extremely exible way. For this purpose, the RoboCube provides quite some computation power and memory as well as a(More)
Estrogen sulfotransferase (EST) is the sole sulfotransferase expressed in normal human breast epithelial cells and has an important function in determining free estrogen hormone levels in these cells. In the present study we examined the inhibitory effect of the dietary polyphenols quercetin and resveratrol on EST activity, i.e. 17beta-estradiol (E2)(More)
The paper describes the VUB AI-Lab team competing in the small robots league of RoboCup '98 in Paris. The approach of this team targets for a longterm evolution of diierent robots, team-structures, and concepts. Therefore, the eeorts for the '98 participation focus providing a exible architecture, which forms a basis for this goal. In doing so, the(More)
The VUB AI-lab team is mainly interested in the two loosely linked aspects of on-board control and heterogeneity. One major eeort for fostering both aspects within RoboCup's small robots league is our development of a so-to-say robot construction-kit, allowing to implement a wide range of players with on-board control. For the '99 competition, the existing(More)
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