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W e study how opinion leadership and social contagion within social networks affect the adoption of a new product. In contrast to earlier studies, we find evidence of contagion operating over network ties, even after controlling for marketing effort and arbitrary systemwide changes. More importantly, we also find that the amount of contagion is moderated by(More)
The ability to measure centrality in social networks has been a particularly useful development in social network analysis. For researchers trying to decide which centrality measure is most meaningful and valid for their research purposes, various papers have explored the conceptual foundations of centrality measures. Less well documented is the empirical(More)
This paper proposes several measures for bridging in networks derived from Granovetter's (1973) insight that links which reduce distances in a network are important structural bridges. Bridging is calculated by systematically deleting links and calculating the resultant changes in network cohesion (measured as the inverse average path length). The average(More)