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W e study how opinion leadership and social contagion within social networks affect the adoption of a new product. In contrast to earlier studies, we find evidence of contagion operating over network ties, even after controlling for marketing effort and arbitrary systemwide changes. More importantly, we also find that the amount of contagion is moderated by(More)
The ability to measure centrality in social networks has been a particularly useful development in social network analysis. For researchers trying to decide which centrality measure is most meaningful and valid for their research purposes, various papers have explored the conceptual foundations of centrality measures. Less well documented is the empirical(More)
A basic puzzle posed by innovation diffusion is why long lags occur between an innovation's first appearance and its general acceptance by a population. Among the factors that have been suggested are delays in acting on information, a desire to conform, learning from others, and changes in external factors such as prices. There is an extensive literature on(More)
The term "network interventions" describes the process of using social network data to accelerate behavior change or improve organizational performance. In this Review, four strategies for network interventions are described, each of which has multiple tactical alternatives. Many of these tactics can incorporate different mathematical algorithms.(More)
The order in which people freely recall a set of words, persons' names, or other items indicates how they organize those items in memory. An individual's cognitive structure of the persons with whom he or she has some particular relation can be described by noticing how he or she associates from one person to the next during recall. Using improved(More)
This study evaluates the effects of an ER (NBC) storyline about teen obesity, hypertension, and 5 A Day on knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. The storyline depicted an African American teen who presented at the emergency room with burns from a workplace injury. Upon diagnosis, the teen was discovered to have hypertension and counseled to eat more fruits(More)