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The primary 2A/2B cleavage within cardiovirus polyprotein was examined by construction of cDNA plasmids which linked fragments from the P2 region of encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV) and Mengovirus genomes to the EMCV 5' nontranslated region. When RNA transcripts from these clones were tested in reticulocyte extracts, the synthesized proteins were(More)
We have screened a subtracted cDNA library in order to identify differentially expressed genes in omental adipose tissue of human patients with Type 2 diabetes. One clone (#1738) showed a marked reduction in omental adipose tissue from patients with Type 2 diabetes. Sequencing and BLAST analysis revealed clone #1738 was the adipocyte-specific secreted(More)
We have reported previously the isolation and preliminary characterization of a 40-kDa cyclosporin A (CsA)-binding protein, cyclophilin-40 (CyP-40). To determine the sequence of this protein, degenerate oligonucleotide primers based on bovine brain CyP-40 tryptic peptides were used to generate a polymerase chain reaction fragment of CyP-40 cDNA. This was(More)
Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1beta (CPT-1beta) is a key regulator of the beta oxidation of long-chain fatty acids in skeletal muscle and therefore a potential therapeutic target for diseases associated with defects in lipid metabolism such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. C75 [4-methylene-2-octyl-5-oxo-tetrahydro-furan-3-carboxylic acid] is an(More)
STAT and SMAD often exert opposite biological effects on diverse cellular functions. Recent studies have shown that STAT can interface with SMAD at molecular level and that some novel molecules, such as SOCS (also called CIS) and APRO6 (also called TOB), modulate this signaling. A cofactor p300/CBP might act as a bridging molecule to mediate the interface.(More)
Prostaglandin (PG) E2 plays a critical role in eliciting inflammation. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase, which block PGE2 production, have been used as key agents in treating inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and other conditions. However, these agents have significant side effects such as(More)
One of the earliest events following T cell receptor (TCR) triggering is the activation of the protein kinase Lck and induction of tyrosine phosphorylation of zeta, the major signal transduction subunit of the T cell receptor complex. Here we report the generation and characterization of a monoclonal antibody specific for human phosphozeta. The antibody was(More)
Acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC) catalyzes the carboxylation of acetyl CoA to form malonyl CoA. In skeletal muscle and heart, malonyl CoA functions to regulate lipid oxidation by inhibition of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1, an enzyme which controls the entry of long chain fatty acids into mitochondria. We have found that several members of the(More)
To develop novel treatments for type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia, we pursued inhibitors of serine palmitoyl transferase (SPT). To this end compounds 1 and 2 were developed as potent SPT inhibitors in vitro. 1 and 2 reduce plasma ceramides in rodents, have a slight trend toward enhanced insulin sensitization in DIO mice, and reduce triglycerides and raise(More)