Thomas W. Phillips

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Introduction. The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Laboratory has conducted a measurement study of the spectrum sensing and transmitting functions of prototype unlicensed low power radio transmitting devices that would operate on frequencies in the broadcast television bands that are unused in each local area. These locally unused frequencies are(More)
Spatial analysis of insect counts provides important information about how insect species respond to the heterogeneity of a given sampling space. Contour mapping is widely used to visualize spatial pest distribution patterns in anthropogenic environments, and in this study we outlined recommendations regarding semivariogram analysis of small data sets (N <(More)
A neurotrophic role for interleukin-1 alpha (IL-1 alpha) was investigated in dissociated spinal cord-dorsal root ganglion cultures. Three observations suggested a survival-promoting action for IL-1 alpha in nine-day-old cultures: (1) neutralizing antiserum to murine IL-1 alpha decreased neuronal survival; (2) treatment with IL-1 alpha in electrically(More)
A totally implantable system for the continuous and bolus delivery of intra-arterial chemotherapeutic agents to patients with malignant gliomas is described. The system utilizes an Infusaid pump (Infusaid Corp., Sharon, Massachusetts), which discharges the drug directly into the internal carotid artery and is percutaneously refillable. This system has been(More)
Channel-fouling is a pervasive problem in continuous flow chemistry, causing poor product control and reactor failure. Droplet chemistry, in which the reaction mixture flows as discrete droplets inside an immiscible carrier liquid, prevents fouling by isolating the reaction from the channel walls. Unfortunately, the difficulty of controllably adding new(More)
Stored product beetles that are resistant to the fumigant pesticide phosphine (hydrogen phosphide) gas have been reported for more than 40 years in many places worldwide. Traditionally, determination of phosphine resistance in stored product beetles is based on a discriminating dose bioassay that can take up to two weeks to evaluate. We developed a(More)
Diamond-shaped pheromone-baited traps are used widely in food storage and food processing facilities for monitoring of Plodia interpunctella (Hübner), and here we evaluated to what extent trap captures were affected by 1) vertical placement of traps, 2) deployment of a horizontal landing platform to the diamond-shaped pheromone trap, and 3) placement of(More)
Introduction. The Federal Communications Commission's Laboratory Division has completed a second phase of its measurement studies of the spectrum sensing and transmitting capabilities of prototype " TV white space " devices. These devices have been developed to demonstrate capabilities that might be used in unlicensed low power radio transmitting devices(More)
Phosphine is a valuable fumigant to control pest populations in stored grains and grain products. However, recent studies indicate a substantial increase in phosphine resistance in stored product pests worldwide. To understand the molecular bases of phosphine resistance in insects, we used RNA-Seq to compare gene expression in phosphine-resistant and(More)
Syringoperitoneal shunting has been used in the treatment of 4 patients with idiopathic syringomyelia. The procedures have been performed without morbidity or mortality. Postoperative observation, ranging from 7 to 23 months, has not revealed progression of symptoms or failure of the shunt. The pathophysiological theories of syringomyelia are discussed, and(More)