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This paper presents a general-purpose computer program which is capable of designing a large class of optimum (in the minimax sense) FIR linear phase digital filters. The program has options for designing such standard filters as low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and bandstop filters, as well as multipassband-stopband filters, differentiators, and Hilbert(More)
The output image of a digital camera is subject to a severe degradation due to noise in the image sensor. This paper proposes a novel technique to combine demosaicing and denoising procedures systematically into a single operation by exploiting their obvious similarities. We first design a filter as if we are optimally estimating a pixel value from a noisy(More)
Color images in single-chip digital cameras are obtained by interpolating mosaiced color samples. These samples are encoded in a single-chip charge-coupled device by sampling the light after it passes through a color filter array (CFA) that contains different color filters (i.e., red, green, and blue) placed in some pattern. The resulting sparsely sampled(More)
The usual way of designing a filter is to specify a filter length and a nominal response, and then to find a filter of that length which best approximates that response. In this paper we propose a different approach: specify the filter only in terms of upper and lower limits on the response, find the shortest filter length which allows these constraints to(More)