Thomas W. Page

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As we approach nation-wide integration of computer systems, it is clear that le replication will play a key role, both to improve data availability in the face of failures, and to improve performance by locating data near where it will be used. We expect that future le systems will have an extensible, modular structure in which features such as replication(More)
Ficus is a exible replication facility with optimistic concurrency control designed to span a wide range of scales and network environments. Support for partitioned operation is fundamental to the Ficus design but was not widely exercised in early Ficus use. This position paper reports recent experiences using Ficus in settings where some replicas are only(More)
SUMMARY This research proposes and tests an approach to engineering distributed le systems that are aimed at wide-scale, Internet-based use. The premise is that replication is essential to deliver performance and availability, yet the traditional conservative replica consistency algorithms do not scale to this environment. Our Ficus replicated le system(More)
A fully distributed operating system transaction facility with fine-grain record level synchronization is described. Multiple member processes, remote resource access, dynamic process migration, and orderly interaction with concurrent non-transaction activities are all supported, An unusual logging strategy, based on shadow pages but supporting logical(More)
This article describes a method for analyzing, modeling, and simulating a two-level arrival-counting process. This method is particlarly appropriate when the number of independent processes is large, as is the case in our motivating application which requires analyzing and representing computer file system trace data for activity on nearly 8,000 files. The(More)
Truffles is a system meant to address some of the major issues that still make it difficult to share files between users at different sites. In particular, it addresses the problems associated with secure file sharing, and the problems of high administrative overhead. Truffles will combine facilities of the Ficus file system and TIS/PEM, a privacy enhanced(More)
Many tools and techniques exist for the modeling and analysis of computer and communication systems. These tools are often complex and tailored to a narrow range of problems. The system analysis task often requires coordinated use of multiple tools and techniques which is not supported by currently available systems. The Tangram project goal is to develop(More)