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Natural killer (NK) cells and a T cell subset express NKR-P1s; however, it is not known if NKR-P1s on these cells are homologous. By molecular and biochemical means, we determined that NKR-P1s on NK cells and T cells were similar. Also, sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products derived from these populations indicated expression of a novel form,(More)
We have recently begun investigating the effects of prolactin (PRL) on the function, or growth and differentiation of rat NK cells. Initially, we sought to determine the expression of a receptor for PRL (PRLr) on rat NK cells and to determine the effects of interleukin 2 (IL-2) on its expression. By a combination of reverse transcription/polymerase chain(More)
We previously reported that culture of murine fetal liver (FL) cells with interleukin 7 (IL-7) results in expression of high levels of T cell receptor (TCR) gamma transcripts by a population of cells expressing Thy-1 and Pgp-1, suggesting that IL-7 promotes the growth and/or differentiation of pre-T cells. We demonstrate herein that culture of FL cells for(More)
Since it emerged in Brazil in May 2015, the mosquito-borne Zika virus (ZIKV) has raised global concern due to its association with a significant rise in the number of infants born with microcephaly and neurological disorders such as Guillain-Barré syndrome. We developed prototype subunit and adenoviral-based Zika vaccines encoding the extracellular portion(More)
IL-7, a cytokine produced by bone marrow and thymic stroma, is a growth factor for B and T lymphocytes very early in their development. The IL-7R is a heterodimer of an alpha-chain that specifically binds IL-7 and the common gamma-chain, gamma(c), which is also a component of the receptors for IL-2, IL-4, IL-9, and IL-15. IL-7 has also been hypothesized to(More)
The role of surface aminopeptidases (APs), enzymes that cleave amino-terminal residues from polypeptide chains, in the development of fetal thymocytes was studied using a murine fetal thymic organ culture (FTOC) model. FTOC AP activity was demonstrable for various amino acid-p-nitroanilide substrates, and specific inhibitors of AP (amastatin and bestatin)(More)
We have previously shown that specific T cell receptor (TCR) gamma V regions genes (V gamma 4 and V gamma 6) are rearranged and expressed by murine fetal liver (FL) cells cultured with IL-7. The present studies determined that the sequences of the TCR V region gene transcripts expressed in response to IL-7 included diverse and functional sequences expressed(More)
Recombinant poxviruses, utilized as vaccine vectors and oncolytic viruses, often require manipulation at multiple genetic loci in the viral genome. It is essential for viral vectors to possess no adventitious mutations and no (antibiotic) selection marker in the final product for human patients in order to comply with the guidance from the regulatory(More)
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