Thomas W. Jensen

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We present an information flow monitoring mechanism for sequential programs. The monitor executes a program on standard data that are tagged with labels indicating their security level. We formalize the monitoring mechanism as a big-step operational semantics that integrates a static information flow analysis to gather information flow properties of(More)
We present UML-CASTING, a prototype tool for computer-assisted generation of test suites from UML models. The concept underlying Casting is that a large part of test cases corresponding to a given test strategy can be obtained automatically from the text of the specification. A test strategy consists of a set of decomposition rules that are applied to the(More)
Dynamic evolution of work BLOCKINow process descriptions and active instances has been an active research area since the mid 1990s. Most work has been based on ow-graph meta models formalised as variations of Petri Nets. We present a new research project on Computer Supported Mobile Adaptive Business Processes (CosmoBiz) initiated in January 2007 jointly(More)
We investigated whether memories are selected for the life story based on event characteristics. Sixty-one students completed weekly diaries over their first term at university. They described, dated and rated two events each week. Three months after the end of the term they completed an unexpected memory test. They recalled three memories from the diary(More)
This article argues for a view on languaging as inherently affective. Informed by recent ecological tendencies within cognitive science and distributed language studies a distinction between first order languaging (language as whole-body sense making) and second order language (language as system like constraints) is put forward. Contrary to common(More)
This paper address indirect global interactions that involve collaboration across continents involving different cultures, languages, technologies and nations. Specifically, we are concerned with analyzing international trade of avocados from trees in Africa to grocery store shelves in the European Union. The methodology of the paper is a revelatory case(More)
Forty-five participants described and rated two events each week during their first term at university. After 3.5 years, we examined whether event characteristics rated in the diary predicted remembering, reliving, and life story importance at the follow-up. In addition, we examined whether ratings of life story importance were consistent across a three(More)