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An innovative low-power high-performance programmable signal processor for digital communications We describe an innovative, low-power, high-performance, programmable signal processor (DSP) for digital communications. The architecture of this processor is characterized by its explicit design for low-power implementations, its innovative ability to jointly(More)
Many studies point to the difficulty of scaling existing computer architectures to meet the needs of an exascale system (i.e., capable of executing 10 18 floating-point operations per second), consuming no more than 20 MW in power, by around the year 2020. This paper outlines a new architecture, the Active Memory Cube, which reduces the energy of(More)
We describe a semi-custom design methodology for embedded processor cores that was prototyped through the development of a low power high performance DSP core. When compared to the standard ASIC design flow, this methodology enables significant improvement in the speed and power; such benefits are obtained without compromising the generality and flexibility(More)
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