Thomas W. Fermanian

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Autoclaving is a standard procedure for sterilizing nutrient media for plant tissue cultures. Most tissue cultures are grown at pH 5.2 to 5.8 with pH adjustments being made prior to autoclaving. This paper reports that there are significant differences between initial pH levels and pH levels following autoclaving, particularly in the pH range of 5.7 to 8.5.(More)
Turf managers sometimes experience poor or early loss of control oftargeted weeds, even when herbicides are applied at recommended rates. This study was conducted to determine the influence of soil temperature and moisture on the rate of DCPA (dimethyl tetrachloroterephthalate) degradation in soil. The effect of six soil temperatures, three soil moistures,(More)
A8STRACT. A greenhouse study WIS conducled in a hydroponic sys­ lem '0 delermine the nilrogen (N) uriliuliOtl efficienc~ (NUE) of 14 creeping benlg,ass ""hivar.;. There were 5igniflCllnt differen<:ell among cuhivars in plant tissue dry weight. tissue N content, loot absorplion efficiency (RAE), and NUE. Considering III pllnr tiSl;ue (whore planl),(More)
An essential component of an introductory turfgrass management course is the description of how turfgrass species are adapted to different cultural systems and environments. The objectives of this project were to develop an interactive program to introduce the characteristics of turfgrass species and their optimum environments and to evaluate the students'(More)
Solution and suspension N sources have been developed as substitutes Cor urea in spray solutions used by lawn-care proCessionals. A field study was conducted to evaluate the response of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa prarensis L.) growing on a Catlin silt loam (Typic ArgiudoLl), to applications oC the nell' solution and suspension N sources, alone or combined with(More)
sions on current actions, there is great opportunity to refine and focus management through careful attention Most current golf course management record-keeping software to previous turf problems. systems have been adapted for golf course use from accounting or inventory control systems. These are based on table or card-filling The geographic location of(More)
The goal of the professional lawn care industry is to provide the homeowner with a dark green weed-free lawn. Members of this industry are interested in techniques to enhance the color of a turfgrass stand in lieu of excessive N fertilization. The purpose ohbis research was to evaluate tbe use of foliar applications of Fe alone or in com· bination with N on(More)
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