Thomas W. Doe

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Experiments were conducted at the Aspö Hard Rock Laboratory in order to improve the understanding of radionuclide retention properties of fractured crystalline bedrock in the 10-100 m scale (TRUE Block Scale Project, jointly funded by ANDRA, ENRESA, Nirex, JNC, Posiva and SKB). A series of tracer experiments were performed using sorbing tracers in three(More)
Basic Data Requirements The underground storage of nuclear waste requires assurance of lony-term hydrologic containment of potential contaninants and structural integrity of the rock mass during the operational phase of the repository. For storage sites in crystalline rocks such as granite, the success of tne repository will depend largely on the behavior(More)
The history of the development of techniques for determining equivalent rock mass permeability from discrete fracture data is reviewed. These techniques began with conceptual models which considered all fractures to be infinitely long. Because fractures are in fact finite, the equivalent permeability tensor computed by this approximation may not be(More)
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