Thomas Vougiouklis

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The problem of the Hv-representations of Hv-groups by Hv-matrices, is presented. Classes of Hv-rings useful in the theory of representations are introduced. The advantages of some classes of the Hv-matrices in the representation theory is pointed out. c © 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Soft set theory, introduced by Molodtsov, has been considered as an effective mathematical tool for modeling uncertainties. In this paper, we apply fuzzy soft sets to Γ-hypermodules. The concept of (∈γ ,∈γ ∨ qδ)-fuzzy soft Γ-subhypermodules of Γ-hypermodules is first introduced. Some new characterizations are investigated. In particular, a kind of new(More)
Hyperstructure theory was born in 1934 when Marty [19] defined hypergroups as a generalization of groups. Let H be a non-empty set and let ℘∗(H) be the set of all non-empty subsets of H. A hyperoperation on H is a map ◦ : H ×H −→ ℘∗(H) and the couple (H, ◦) is called a hypergroupoid. If A and B are non-empty subsets of H, then we denote A◦B = ∪ a∈A, b∈B(More)