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In the days of VRML 1.0, NURBS seemed to be too complex to be adapted to the specification. Current development of hardware compels us to reevaluate this idea: While CPU clocks break the 1-GHz barrier, users still have to cope with 56K modems. NURBS meet exactly these demands. A NURBS description is a compact storage form, but its evaluation requires more(More)
  • Silke Walter, Panagiotis Kostpopoulos, Anton Haass, Stefan Helwig, Isabel Keller, Tamara Licina +21 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Early treatment with rt-PA is critical for favorable outcome of acute stroke. However, only a very small proportion of stroke patients receive this treatment, as most arrive at hospital too late to be eligible for rt-PA therapy. METHODS AND FINDINGS We developed a "Mobile Stroke Unit", consisting of an ambulance equipped with computed(More)
UNLABELLED Extensive spine surgery is associated with postsurgical pain. Epidural pain therapy may reduce postoperative stress responses and thereby influence immune functions. In a randomized, controlled, double-blinded prospective trial, 54 patients received either conventional patient-controlled IV analgesia (PCIA; morphine 3 mg/15 min) or(More)
Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infections cause typical dermal and mucosal lesions in children and adults. Also complications to the peripheral and central nervous system, pneumonia or hepatitis are well known. However, dissemination to viscera in adults is rare and predominantly observed in immunocompromised patients. Here we describe the case of a(More)
Melatonin is known to influence immune functions and to ameliorate outcome after septic challenge but it is unknown whether this is mediated by melatonin receptor activation. This study aimed to elucidate molecular differences in spleen and ex vivo splenocytes of wild-type (WT) and melatonin receptor double knockout mice (KO) after polymicrobial sepsis.(More)
  • Erol Tutdibi, Ludwig Gortner, Thomas Volk, Erik Reus
  • 2014
Resuscitation of newborns is a critical procedure and requires refined skills. The contents of resuscitation guidelines and their implementation should be crucial in education of medical students. The traditional 2-stage (" see one, do one ") instruction is theory-loaded and does not provide sufficient hands-on training needed to give trainees the necessary(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients undergoing cardiac surgery have an increased risk of postoperative pneumonia. Pulmonary immune dysfunction might be a contributing factor. We therefore determined changes of the surface molecules on alveolar macrophages (AMs). To characterize modulation in patients with pneumonia we correlated these changes to the development of(More)