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Melanomas are highly heterogeneous tumors, but the biological significance of their different subpopulations is not clear. Using the H3K4 demethylase JARID1B (KDM5B/PLU-1/RBP2-H1) as a biomarker, we have characterized a small subpopulation of slow-cycling melanoma cells that cycle with doubling times of >4 weeks within the rapidly proliferating main(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There is currently no consensus on (1) the percentage of patients who develop spasticity after ischemic stroke, (2) the relation between spasticity and initial clinical findings after acute stroke, and (3) the impact of spasticity on activities of daily living and health-related quality of life. METHODS In a prospective cohort(More)
Pain patients often report distinct numbness of the painful skin although no structural peripheral or central nerve lesion is obvious. In this cross-sectional study we assessed the reduction of tactile function and studied underlying mechanisms in patients with chronic pain and in healthy participants exposed to phasic and tonic experimental nociceptive(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the interaction of different treadmill-induced gait velocities and visual cues on the gait performance in Parkinson's disease (PD). BACKGROUND External cuing has been reported to facilitate hypokinetic gait patterns in PD. METHODS 19 PD-patients and 17 controls volunteered for the study. Gait analyses were conducted using dynamic(More)
BACKGROUND Eph receptors and their ligands, the ephrins, represent a large class of cell-cell communication molecules with well-defined developmental functions. Their role in healthy adult tissues and in human disease is still largely unknown, although diverse roles in carcinogenesis have been postulated. METHODS We established a set of fluorescent PCR(More)
INTRODUCTION Previously, controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy and tolerability of fixed doses of incobotulinumtoxinA (Xeomin, NT 201, botulinum toxin type A free from complexing proteins) to treat cervical dystonia (CD). To explore the clinical relevance of these findings, this study evaluated long-term use of flexible dosing regimens of(More)
Forty-three patients (50 hands) with clinically and electrophysiologically confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome were included in a prospective study to determinate the clinical outcome and electrophysiological recovery of the median nerve after endoscopic transection of the transverse carpal ligament (TCL). Evaluation included a questionnaire for symptoms,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there are distinct thalamic regions statistically associated with either contraversive or ipsiversive disturbance of verticality perception measured by subjective visual vertical (SVV). METHODS We used modern statistical lesion behavior mapping on a sample of 37 stroke patients with isolated thalamic lesions to clarify which(More)
We outline a new systematic approach to extracting high quality information from HAADF–STEM images which will be beneficial to the characterization of beam sensitive materials. The idea is to treat several, possibly many low electron dose images with specially adapted digital image processing concepts at a minimum allowable spatial resolution. Our goal is(More)