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Energy consumption has become a major constraint on the capabilities of computer systems. In large systems the energy consumed by Dynamic Random Access Memories (DRAM) is a significant part of the total energy consumption. It is possible to calculate the energy consumption of currently available DRAMs from their datasheets, but datasheets don’t allow(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM The neurotransmitter histamine is involved in the regulation of appetite and in the development of age-related obesity in mice. Furthermore, histamine is a mediator of the anorexigenic action of leptin. The aim of the present study was to investigate a possible role of histamine in the development of high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity.(More)
Images captured under low-light conditions are noisy as a result of photon statistics and quantization error, among other reasons. Such statistical limitations can be reduced by using pixels with larger areas, but this approach leads to aliasing artifacts. We propose a maximum-likelihood version of super-resolution for low-light conditions in which Fourier(More)
We describe novel methods of computing sharp shadows and depth estimates of objects immersed in highly scattering media using multi-scale structured transmissive illumination, such as modified Hadamard tiles. 1. Background and problem The problem of computing separate images of a scene based on direct illumination and on indirect (scattered) illumination(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperthermia induces vasodilatation that reduces central blood volume (CBV), central venous pressure (CVP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP). Inhibition of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) could be a relevant homeostatic defense mechanism during hyperthermia with a decrease in CBV. The present study evaluated how changes in plasma ANP reflect the(More)
Recent activity in photon counting CMOS image sensors (CIS) has been directed to reduction of read noise. Many approaches and methods have been reported. This work is focused on providing sub 1 e(-) read noise by design and operation of the binary and small signal readout of photon counting CIS. Compensation of transfer gate feed-through was used to provide(More)
We present a 2MP CMOS image sensor that achieves a row time of 2.75µs by interleaving the pixel operations of three rows. A per-column sense-amplifier in combination with partial transfer allows comparing the pixel charge to a threshold and enabling conditional read. The fast row time enables implementation of 4x temporal over-sampling with overlapping(More)
Extraction of shadow details in transmissive media using structured light. May-August 2013 : Point spread function calibration for a lens-less imaging system. Prize 2007 from IMechE for the paper title " Machine vision analysis of the energy efficiency of intermodal freight trains " • Recipient of National Talent Search Scholarship (NTSE 1998) awarded to(More)
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