Thomas Venables

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The thymus is the most rapidly aging tissue in the body, with progressive atrophy beginning as early as birth and not later than adolescence. Latent regenerative potential exists in the atrophic thymus, because certain stimuli can induce quantitative regrowth, but qualitative function of T lymphocytes produced by the regenerated organ has not been fully(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with endoscopy-negative reflux disease have reflux symptoms, mainly heartburn, but not mucosal breaks characteristic of erosive oesophagitis. Standard-dose proton pump inhibitors can provide symptom relief in endoscopy-negative reflux disease but the effect of greater acid suppression has not been studied. AIM To test the hypothesis(More)
T lymphocytes are essential mediators of immunity that are produced by the thymus in proportion to its size. The thymus atrophies rapidly with age, resulting in progressive diminution of new T cell production. This decreased output is compensated by duplication of existing T cells, but it results in gradual dominance by memory T cells and decreased ability(More)
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