Thomas Treig

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Blindsight refers to remarkable residual visual abilities of patients with damage to the primary visual cortex (V1). Recent studies revealed that such residual abilities do not apply only to relatively simple object discriminations, but that these patients can also differentially categorize and respond to emotionally salient stimuli. The current study(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of D-amphetamine on the recovery of activities of daily living and motor functions after stroke, DESIGN Randomized, placebo-controlled study, SETTING Inpatient rehabilitation centre, SUBJECTS Twenty-four stroke survivors after a first ischaemic supratentorial stroke within six weeks before study onset, severely to(More)
The influence of repetitive magnetic transcranial stimulation over the temporo-parietal cortex on verbal comprehension was investigated in 44 healthy subjects. In right-handed subjects, trains of 50 Hz magnetic stimuli over the left hemisphere produced more errors than stimulation over the right hemisphere. The result is not very clearcut, however; thus the(More)
Dementias of the Alzheimer type seem to be frequently accompanied by language disturbances. These may represent a feature which can be of help in distinguishing them from other types of dementias. We used the Aachen aphasia test in 32 patients suffering from Alzheimer dementia according to research criteria, and a mixed sample of 35 patients suffering from(More)
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