Thomas Trathnigg

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In this paper we present PoQoS, a novel approach for combined management of power-and quality of service (QoS) in distributed embedded video surveillance systems. PoQoS allows the implementation of hardware-tailored dynamic power management schemes for different individual QoS-levels. The proposed approach also offers an extensi-ble model for implementing(More)
Energy efficiency is one of the most important requirements for wireless sensor networks. Therefore, it is important to have accurate measurements of the energy consumption of the nodes in a network. We propose an measurement approach capable to handle this issue. In the development of wireless sensor network applications simulators are often used to verify(More)
This paper describes an efficient implementation of a crypto arithmetic unit, which computes the modular-operations addition, multiplication, and inversion in prime fields. These calculations are important for an application in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). The hardware is designed in a self-timed and low-power approach. The paper discusses the pros(More)
— Intelligent video surveillance (IVS) offers a large spectrum of different applications that have strict quality of service (QoS)-requirements. Beside high demands in computing performance, power efficiency is another major concern in these applications. For instance, recent IVS systems need to deliver compressed video data in high quality while using(More)
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