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BACKGROUND Three patients who received visceral-organ transplants from a single donor on the same day died of a febrile illness 4 to 6 weeks after transplantation. Culture, polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR) and serologic assays, and oligonucleotide microarray analysis for a wide range of infectious agents were not informative. METHODS We evaluated RNA(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza vaccines are reviewed each year, and often changed, in an effort to maintain their effectiveness against drifted influenza viruses. There is however no regular review of influenza vaccine effectiveness during, or at the end of, Australian influenza seasons. It is possible to use a case control method to estimate vaccine effectiveness(More)
Detection of antibodies to Leishmania donovani in animals in a kala-azar endem-ic region in eastern Sudan: a preliminary report. et al. Diagnostic accuracy of two rK39 antigen-based dipsticks and the formol gel test for rapid diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in northeastern Uganda. associated with visceral leishmaniasis in Nepal: bednet use is strongly(More)
—Often in multi-agent systems, agents interact with other agents to fulfill their own goals. Trust is, therefore, considered essential to make such interactions effective. This work describes a trust model that augments fuzzy logic with Q-learning to help trust evaluating agents select beneficial trustees for interaction in uncertain, open, dynamic, and(More)
— The Machine learning used in many application in almost every area. In this electronic world, everything has to be automated to improve quality, time complexity, accuracy, efficiency etc. In the biomedical area, information is mainly in natural language text format. The biomedical researchers need fast information accessing tools for extracting useful(More)
As online social networks (OSN) attempt to mimic real life social networks, we have made progress towards using OSNs to provide us with data to allow for richer and more robust online communications. In this paper, we present a novel approach towards socially-aware email. Currently, email provides too little control to the recipient. Our approach, dubbed(More)
Social network popularity continues to rise as they broaden out to more users. Hidden away within these social networks is a valuable set of data that outlines everyone's relationships. Networks have created APIs such as the Facebook Development Platform and OpenSocial that allow developers to create applications that can leverage user information. However,(More)
Given the potential for laboratory-associated severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) infections, we must know which cell lines are susceptible to the virus. We investigated 21 cell lines routinely used for virus isolation or research. After infection with SARS-CoV, cells were observed for cytopathic effects, and quantitative(More)
This paper identifies a widely existing phenomenon in social media content, which we call the “words of few mouths” phenomenon. This phenomenon challenges the development of recommender systems based on users’ online opinions by presenting additional sources of uncertainty. In the context of predicting the “helpfulness” of a review document based on users’(More)