Thomas Torstensson

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BACKGROUND To evaluate the efficacy of electromyographic biofeedback and topical lidocaine treatment for women with vulvar vestibulitis. METHODS A prospective randomized study where 46 women with vulvar vestibulitis were randomized to receive either electromyographic biofeedback or topical lidocaine treatment for four months. Assessments with vulvar(More)
When caries prevalence was higher than today incipient lesions constituted 70% of carious lesions. Incipient lesions were often neglected in caries recordings and hence the true caries prevalence was underestimated. Moreover, it has been shown that there were evident differences in caries status between different areas in the same county though the(More)
STUDY DESIGN Randomized double blind controlled clinical trial. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the pain relief effect of locally injected corticosteroid treatment in women with long-lasting sacral low back pain with onset during pregnancy. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Pregnancy-related low back pain is a global problem. Almost 1 of 10 women still experienced(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnancy-related low back and pelvic pain is a worldwide problem. A large proportion of women still experience disabling daily back pain 2 years after childbirth, resulting in major changes in activities and general well-being. In spite of this, the source of pain and effective treatment are uncertain. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the short-term(More)
In a group of young teenagers restorative treatment on approximal carious surfaces was postponed until carious lesions were radiographically detected in the dentine, permitting a reallocation of resources to preventive care. The development of new lesions and the rate of progression of unrestored lesions were studied by means of bitewing radiographs(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe referred pain patterns provoked from intra-pelvic structures in women with chronic pelvic pain (CPP) persisting after childbirth with the purpose to improve diagnostics and give implications for treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this descriptive and comparative study 36 parous women with CPP were recruited from a physiotherapy(More)
There is a shortage of spine surgeons in Sweden. To guarantee the legal right to healthcare, many counties must hire doctors, with increasing costs. In our new out-patient department routine, the majority of the patients are examined by a physiotherapist at their first visit. History taking and clinical and radiographic examinations are discussed in a team(More)
One-hundred and seventy-six randomly selected 16-year-old children from six clinics in two neighbouring counties were examined by the dentists who see the patients every year, as well as by two calibrated examiners (two of the authors). Compared to the dentists, working in the dental clinics, the authors consistently noted a higher total caries score (DMFS(More)