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Word sense discrimination is the first, important step towards automatic detection of language evolution within large, historic document collections. By comparing the found word senses over time, we can reveal and use important information that will improve understanding and accessibility of a digital archive. Algorithms for word sense discrimination have(More)
Für Kinder im Vorschulalter mit entzündungsfreier Tonsillenhyperplasie wird in jüngster Zeit anstelle der Tonsillektomie die Tonsillotomie empfohlen, wobei als indikationsentscheidend eine tonsillitisfreie Krankheitsvorgeschichte gilt. Wir stellten uns die Frage, ob und in welchem Grad die Anamnese mit dem histologischen Tonsillenbefund korreliert. In einer(More)
BACKGROUND In pre-school children suffering from pure non-inflammatory hyperplasia of the tonsils, tonsillotomy has recently been recommended in preference to tonsillectomy. Absence of inflammatory tonsillitis in the previous medical history is accepted as evidence that tonsillotomy is indicated. In this study, we therefore examine whether and to what(More)
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