Thomas Theobald

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Mental retardation has been associated with fra(X) but comprehensive psychological evaluation has rarely been applied to 2 major behavioral questions 1) the extent of individual variation in IQ among fra(X) males and the possibility of some fra(X) males being of normal IQ; and 2) whether there is a depression in general IQ or whether specific abilities are(More)
  • Till van Treeck, Simon Sturn, Eckhard Hein, Michael Kumhof, Ansgar Rannenberg, Engelbert Stockhammer +2 others
  • 2012
Tockner for helpful research assistance. We also thank Marcos Chamon for generously sharing his data. All remaining errors are ours. other countries with associated Reproduction Rights Organizations, may make photocopies in accordance with the licences issued to them for this purpose. income distribution / household income / wage differential / economic(More)
for helpful comments on previous versions of this paper. The authors thank the University of Colorado-Denver for a research grant to help collect data for this study. Abstract It has long been accepted that managerial stock ownership, beyond some range of possible entrenchment, can be an effective means of aligning the interests of professional managers(More)
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