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The failure in the past to acknowledge the limits of water supply and to decouple economic development from water demand has resulted in a water dependent growth model currently threatened by increasing scarcity and droughts. Consequently, there is now an urgent need to use sparse water resources in a more sustainable and efficient way. This demands a(More)
INTRODUCTION Electrocardiographic (ECG) errors due to electrode cable reversal confuse physicians and provoke unnecessary diagnostic tests. They occur in approximately 4% of ECGs performed in the intensive care unit (ICU). We aimed to investigate whether this frequency could be reduced by an appropriate intervention. METHODS All ECGs from consecutive(More)
A coevolutionary perspective is adopted to understand the dynamics of exposure to mountain hazards in the European Alps. A spatially explicit, object-based temporal assessment of elements at risk to mountain hazards (river floods, torrential floods, and debris flows) in Austria and Switzerland is presented for the period from 1919 to 2012. The assessment is(More)
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