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High-dose methotrexate (MTX) therapy with subsequent leucovorin (LV) rescue (HDMTX-LV) in the treatment of osteosarcoma is based on the assumption that this tumor has a deficient uptake system for MTX and reduced folates. To simulate features of HDMTX-LV therapy protocols in vitro, sensitive and MTX-resistant human osteosarcoma cell lines and a(More)
Decimal Floating Point (DFP) operations are very important for applications, that cannot tolerate errors from conversions between binary and decimal formats, for instance scientific, commercial, financial and internet-based applications. In this paper we present a parallel decimal fixed-point multiplier, designed to exploit the features of FPGAs. Our(More)
Decimal floating point operations are important for applications that cannot tolerate errors from conversions between binary and decimal formats, for instance, scientific, commercial, and financial applications. In this work we present a radix-10 digit recurrence division algorithm that decomposes the quotient digits into three parts and requires only the(More)
Posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) of the iris is a rare entity with only ten cases having been published as yet. Its clinical aspect is typical. Therapy is multimodal and affords an interdisciplinary approach. A 7-year-old boy developed a lymphoproliferative mass of the iris with uveitis 4 years after heart transplantation and(More)
In this paper we present three different radix-10 digit recurrence division algorithms for FPGA architectures. The first one implements the simple shift-and-subtract algorithm, whereas the second and third implementations each perform digit recurrence algorithm with signed-digit redundant quotient alculation and carry-save representation of the residuals.(More)
  • Thomas Teufel
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  • 2011
A well-rehearsed move among teleological realists in the philosophy of biology is to base the idea of genuinely teleological forms of organic self-reproduction on a type of causality derived from Kant. Teleological realists have long argued for the causal possibility of this form of causality--in which a whole is considered the cause of its parts--as well(More)