Thomas Tellier

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| Experimental data describing circuit and physical design issues that in uence the noise immunity of digital latches in mixed-signal smart power circuits are described and discussed. The principal result of this paper is the characterization of the conditions under which substrate noise generated by high power analog circuitry a ects digital latches. The(More)
The placement of substrate contacts in epi and non-epi technologies is analyzed in order to control and reduce the substrate noise amplitude and spreading. The choice of small or large substrate contacts or rings for each of the two major technologies is highlighted. Design guidelines for placing substrate contacts so as to improve the noise immunity of(More)
This paper describes theoretical and experimental data characterizing the sensitivity of nMOS and CMOS digital circuits to substrate coupling in mixed-signal, smart-power systems. The work presented here focuses on the noise effects created by high-power analog circuits and affecting sensitive digital circuits on the same integrated circuit. The sources and(More)
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