Thomas Tamandl

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Fieldbus systems are more and more responsible for functions affecting people's health. Therefore they are supposed to work safely, i.e. the fieldbus system must be free from unacceptable risk. Thus different measures specified in the international standard IEC 61508 have to be taken to reduce the risk, for example, a redundant hardware structure, add-ons(More)
Nowadays it has become common practice to use microcontrollers in safety related systems. Such systems are deployed to achieve functional safety. The international standard IEC 61508 provides requirements to avoid or reduce the risk caused by these systems. The project SafetyLon aims at enhancing the local operating network (LON) to meet the requirements of(More)
In safety related systems online hardware self tests are integrated to reach a defined level of hardware integrity. These tests comprise testing of the static and volatile memory and the CPU internals. The higher the level of integrity should be, the more efficient tests must be used. Additionally, the effort to verify the correctness of the tests is(More)
In the last recent years some fieldbus systems have been equipped with additional safety related features according to the international standard IEC 61508. Thus these systems can be used in new fields of application. Typically, nodes are enhanced with hardware and safety related software. Moreover it is required to specify a safe commissioning and(More)
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