Thomas Szepesi

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Between 1974 and 1982 inclusive 18 male patients were treated for breast carcinoma. 12 patients had postoperative radiotherapy whereas 4 were referred for treatment of recurrent or metastatic disease. One patient showed signs of inflammatory breast cancer and was treated with chemo-radiotherapy and one was being followed up in our department after(More)
The Hand Mental Rotation task is assumed to activate an egocentric spatial reference frame to realize mental rotation. This study presents significant sex differences in hand mental rotation performances between men and women (n = 23 and 25, respectively; age: 20.7 yr.). Differences in hand mental rotation in school girls and boys (ns = 48 and 41,(More)
A systematic investigation of methods to stabilize the operating frequency of hysteretic current-mode dc/dc converters through control of the current hysteresis is presented. The control laws for every power stage are derived, and two open-loop and two closed-loop circuits are shown and analized in detail. The interaction of the major voltage control loop(More)
A mental rotation task was given to 27 dyslexic children (mean age 9 years, 2 months) and to 28 non-dyslexic children (mean age 8 years, 8 months). Pictures of right and left hands were shown at angles of 0, 50, 90 and 180 degrees, and the subjects were required to indicate whether what was shown was a right hand or a left hand. It was found that, in this(More)
A randomized study investigating the value of misonidazole in patients irradiated for grade III and IV supratentorial astrocytomas was started in June 1977. With a minimum follow-up time of 6 months, 45 patients who completed therapy are available for analysis. All patients received the same radiation treatment (66.5 Gy in 31 fractions over 7.5 weeks, field(More)
During a follow-up program, breast cancer patients were monitored with serum analyses of mucin-like carcinoma-associated antigen (MCA), CA 15.3 and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA). Minimum as well as maximum marker values of the individual patterns were selected for further evaluation. Marker levels of risk patients differed significantly from those of(More)
On the basis of the analysis of more than 350 individuals that were exposed to ionizing radiation in the course of more than 25 radiation accidents reported world wide since 1945, a biomathematical computer model was developed that simulates the pattern of granulocyte changes seen. It allows one to calculate the number of stem cells remaining intact to(More)
Between January 1973 and April 1982 66 evaluable patients with advanced inoperable orofacial tumours underwent intraarterial Bleomycin and Methotrexate with simultaneous radiotherapy in a prospective study. 32 patients had no previous treatment, 34 patients had initial surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. 15 mg Bleomycin were administered through a(More)
A new family of switching regulator ICs, the LM2577 family, and its SPICE-based macro-model are described in detail. The IC offers an easy-to-use solution for low to medium-power DC-to-DC converter applications that use a single open collector switch. Its current mode design and extensive protection features simplify the design procedure and minimization(More)
In the development of clinical strategies to manage radiation accident casualties, the medical doctor in charge should be encouraged to use a "decision tree" to establish by a "sequential diagnosis procedure". This should be done within the first few days after exposure to determine whether or not a spontaneous recovery of hemopoietic function can be(More)