Thomas Sudmeyer

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We present a systematic study of lifetime and damage of SESAMs for high power oscillators, comparing nonlinear saturation parameters and damage fluences. Optimized SESAMs with &lt;;0.1% nonsaturable losses withstand pulse fluences &gt;;0.2J/cm<sup>2</sup> and intensities &gt;;300GW/cm<sup>2</sup>.
We demonstrate efficient cavity-enhanced second and fourth harmonic generation of an air-cooled, continuous-wave (cw), single-frequency 1064 nm fiber-amplifier system. The second harmonic generator achieves up to 88% total external conversion efficiency, generating more than 20-W power at 532 nm wavelength in a diffraction-limited beam (M(2) < 1.05). The(More)
A diode-pumped 170-fs, 110-mW Er:Yb:glass-laser generates an octave-spanning supercontinuum without amplification in an optimized PM-HNLF. The CEO frequency is self-referenced and stabilized by feedback on the diode current. Cavity length control stabilizes the repetition rate.
We present the first measurement of the carrier envelope offset (CEO) frequency of an ultrafast thin disk laser (TDL). The TDL used for this proof-of-principle experiment was based on the gain material Yb:Lu2O3 and delivered 7 W of average power in 142-fs pulses, which is more than two times shorter than previously realized with this material. Using only 65(More)
We compressed a high-energy SESAM-modelocked thin-disk laser using an Ar-filled Kagome-type HC-PCF: launching 41-&#x03BC;J, 1.17-ps pulses directly from a 3-MHz oscillator, we obtain 179-fs pulses at 100-W of average power, reaching 80% overall compression efficiency.