Thomas Stocker

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Process mining stands for a set of techniques to analyze business process models and logs. However, the extent to which it can be used for security auditing has not been investigated. Focusing on conformance checking and its support in ProM, this paper reports on a case-study in the financial sector applying this technology for the auditing of relevant(More)
This paper presents RECIF, a forensic technique for the analysis of business process logs to detect illegal data flows. RECIF uses propagation graphs to formally capture the data flow within a process execution. Abstracting away from the concrete traces, propagation graphs are analyzed with extensional data flow policies that denote what – instead of how –(More)
This paper reports on the potential of process mining as a basis for security audits of business process and corresponding business process management systems. In particular, it focuses on process discovery as a means to reconstruct process-related structures from event logs, such as the process' control flow, social network and data flows. Based on this(More)
This paper proposes a trace clustering approach to support process discovery of configurable, evolving process models. The clustering approach allows auditors to distinguish between different process variants within a timeframe, thereby visualizing the process evolution. The main insight to cluster entries is the " distance " between activities, i.e. the(More)
Dieser Beitrag stellt das " Security WorkflowAnalysis Toolkit " (SWAT)vor, eine Plattform für die formal fundierte Analyse vonG eschäftsprozessen. Ausgehend vonals Muster formalisierten Sicherheitsanforderungen dient SWAT als Basis für die Analyse vonProzessmodellen und Prozesslogs. Der vorliegende Beitrag zeigt anhand vonBeispielen, welche Arten(More)
SecSy is a highly flexible log synthesis tool, which allows users to configure their simulation procedures in a detailed way, including control flow, data flow and organizational context of business processes. User friendly dialogs provide rich parameter adjustment and intuitive coupling of simulation components. With the possibility of integrating custom(More)