Thomas Stevenson

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BACKGROUND Standing balance deficits are common in individuals after stroke. One way to address these deficits is to provide the individual with feedback from a force platform while balance activities are performed. The feedback can take visual and/or auditory form. OBJECTIVES To determine if visual or auditory force platform feedback improves the(More)
This study was designed to define the age-related changes that occur in the F1 cross of the male Fischer 344 and brown Norway rats and to determine if these findings were associated with electrophysiologic abnormalities indicative of motor neuron loss. Contractility, morphologic, and histochemical studies were performed on the tibialis anterior muscles (TA)(More)
The Primordial Anisotropy Polarization Pathfinder Array (PAPPA) is a balloon-based instrument to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background and search for the signal from gravity waves excited during an inflationary epoch in the early universe. PAPPA will survey a 20 • × 20 • patch at the North Celestial Pole using 32 pixels in 3 passbands(More)
Experiments were conducted on 36 male, Sprague-Dawley rats. In 10 animals, neurorrhaphy was performed on the peroneal nerve with epineurial repair and, in 11 animals, with a tubular polyethylene nerve guide. The authors tested the hypothesis that, following transient denervation of a skeletal muscle by transection of a peroneal nerve, the restoration of(More)
—We describe recent work at Yale on Superconducting Tunnel Junction (STJ) direct detectors that have been developed for submillimeter astronomy. To monitor the response of the detector with large readout bandwidth and excellent sensitivity, we use a novel readout based on radio frequency (RF) reflectom-etry, like the readout invented for the RF-SET. For(More)
  • Malcolm Dixon, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, John E Sulston, Colin B Reese, James F Danielli, Peter Mitchell +12 others
  • 2003
(Cambridge, 1925) enzyme inhibition plots (1953) interpretation of pH rate profiles in terms of straight line segments (1953) enzyme classifications according to type of reaction catalyzed (EC numbers) (1956) Interpretation of genetic code and its function in protein synthesis Synthesis of a gene
We demonstrate a high-performance cryogenic amplifier based on a radio-frequency single-electron-transistor ͑rf-SET͒. The high charge sensitivity and large bandwidth of the rf-SET, along with low power dissipation, low capacitance and on-chip integrability, make it a good candidate for a general-purpose cryogenic amplifier for high impedance sources. We(More)
clinic and 96 of them were secondary abdominal contour deformities. The types of deformities that require secondary surgery have been identified in 7 main groups: Excessive liposuction, High riding scar, Insufficient removal of excess skin and fat, Deformity of umbilicus, Scar visibility, Overall dissatisfaction with the look, Skin necrosis. results: In our(More)
Engineered from the DNA of the shape-shifter Mystique, the Sentinel is a ten foot fully CG mutant slayer covered with approximately 100,000 independent blades, the movement of which had to be directed artistically rather than driven by simulation. Existing workflows supported a maximum of 15,000 blades so an entirely new approach was required. We introduced(More)
BACKGROUND Deep inferior epigastric artery perforator (DIEP) flap breast reconstruction requires complex microsurgical skills. Herein, we examine whether DIEP flap breast reconstruction can be performed safely without microsurgical fellowship training. METHODS A total of 28 patients and 34 DIEP flaps were included in the study. We reviewed the medical(More)