Thomas Stephenson

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EXTENDED ABSTRACT Modelling frameworks are constantly being developed and expanded to take advantage of new computing technology. One such framework undergoing expansion is The Invisible Modelling Environment (TIME) (Rahman et al 2003). TIME is a software development framework for creating, testing and delivering environmental simulation models. With(More)
Predation can disproportionately affect endangered prey populations when generalist predators are numerically linked to more abundant primary prey. Apparent competition, the term for this phenomenon, has been increasingly implicated in the declines of endangered prey populations. We examined the potential for apparent competition to limit the recovery of(More)
Knowledge Discovery algorithms generate alerts to interesting activity by finding partial matches to user-specified patterns of interest. Several statistical models can be used to generate pattern based on training data. However, when training sets are not readily available it is still possible to construct patterns from domain knowledge. To test the(More)
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) has effectively inhibited fibroblast proliferation to prevent scar formation and bleb failure after glaucoma filtering surgery. To identify more potent but less toxic antiproliferative drugs, the authors studied cell attachment and proliferation of 5-FU metabolites: 5-fluorouridine (FUR), 5-fluorodeoxyuridine (FUdR),(More)
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