Thomas Stützle

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Swarm intelligence is a relatively new approach to problem solving that takes inspiration from the social behaviors of insects and of other animals. In particular, ants have inspired a number of methods and techniques among which the most studied and the most successful is the general purpose optimization technique known as ant colony optimization. Ant(More)
Ant System, the first Ant Colony Optimization algorithm, showed to be a viable method for attacking hard combinatorial optimization problems. Yet, its performance, when compared to more fine-tuned algorithms, was rather poor for large instances of traditional benchmark problems like the Traveling Salesman Problem. To show that Ant Colony Optimization(More)
The identification of performance-optimizing parameter settings is an important part of the development and application of algorithms. We describe an automatic framework for this algorithm configuration problem. More formally, we provide methods for optimizing a target algorithm’s performance on a given class of problem instances by varying a set of ordinal(More)
This paper describes a racing procedure for finding, in a limited amount of time, a configuration of a metaheuristic that performs as good as possible on a given instance class of a combinatorial optimization problem. Taking inspiration from methods proposed in the machine learning literature for model selection through cross-validation, we propose a(More)
Iterated local search (ILS) is a surprisingly simple but at the same time powerful metaheuristic for nding high quality approximate solutions for combinatorial optimization problems. ILS is based on the repeated application of a local search algorithm to initial solution which are obtained by mutations of previously found local optima | in most ILS(More)
Hochschulkennziffer D17 iv Acknowledgments There are several important periods in our life. The transition between these periods sometimes is smooth and softly; sometimes the end of a period marked is by some event. In the scientific life one such event is the defense of the PhD thesis. This book represents the outcome of a three years period of research(More)
Over the last decade many metaheuristics have been applied to the flowshop scheduling problem, ranging from Simulated Annealing or Tabu Search to complex hybrid techniques. Some of these methods provide excellent effectiveness and efficiency at the expense of being utterly complicated. In fact, several published methods require substantial implementation(More)
In this paper, we prove some convergence properties for a class of ant colony optimization algorithms. In particular, we prove that for any small constant 0 and for a sufficiently large number of algorithm iterations , the probability of finding an optimal solution at least once is ( ) 1 and that this probability tends to 1 for . We also prove that, after(More)